How to Blend Hand-Tied Weft Hair Extensions with Your Natural Hair

How to Blend Hand-Tied Weft Hair Extensions with Your Natural Hair

Since the advent of hair extensions as a trend, many women are using them as a way of making their hair long, adding volume, and improving their looks. Lots of kinds of extensions do exist. Hand-tied weft extensions are one of them and can be considered as fine as natural hair. On the contrary, the combination of the sewing process and natural hair is a kind of trichotomy that will be achieved after applying it with some effort and work. Here’s a guide on how to blend hand-tied weft flawlessly:

The Right Color Would Make a Difference

Depending on the natural shade of your hair, you can choose hand-tied weft extensions in the shade that is close to your natural hair color for the best possible blend. It involves swatch comparison or getting some professional opinion from a hairdresser to get the right color. And if your hair has highlights and lowlights, you can pick hair extensions that blend well with them, so it will look like one integrated style.

Longer and Coarser Hair Structure

Following the three-dimensional structure of your extensions and the tactile features is very crucial as integrating them into one piece. If you have straight hair, select the straight extension and if it is curly, go for a curly extension. On the other hand, it is crucial to make sure that extensions have no abrupt changes in their length compared to your natural hair to avoid this.

Proper Installation

How the installation is made has a huge impact on how the extension would blend with your hair. Instead of going for the industry standard hairdresser, try a professional who specializes in hand-tied wefts, they are usually the best. The fiber interaction and the correct distance between the weft are the most important factors that create the smooth blending and the visual effect that looks natural and feels comfortable.

Layering and Blending

The process of adding extensions is easy, as first, the ends of the extensions are clipped in, and then they are blended with your hair. Weaving the natural hair and the wefts together is what is referred to here. This is the purpose that makes the weft and natural hair indistinguishable, creating a uniform unit. First, take thin strands of hair and stitch them into your existing one alternately as you lay them down and check they are uniformly spread.

Styling Techniques

By changing the power of styling and techniques, you can make the color flow of the hand-tied weft extension, and the natural hair will look more blended. You can do this by wearing different styles such as soft waves or tight curls to make both textures compliment each other. Aside from that, you should also think about using spray for texture or dry shampoo for the extensions to have a better grip and volume making it easier for blending to the natural hair.

Regular Maintenance

To keep the maintenance at an optimum level, one must spend time on both the natural hair and the extensions. Follow a perfect hair care routine with gentle washing, conditioning, and eliminating high-heat styling. Make your reservations with your hairstylist regularly to perform adjustments accordingly and to keep the extensions as natural looking as possible.


Thus, by following the mentioned tips and techniques, you can create an effortless combination between hand-tied weft hair extensions and your natural hair which will ensure that you can look good every day with different hairstyles while enjoying the extra volume and length.