Types of E-bikes (Explorer step over)

Types of E-bikes (Explorer step over)

E-bikes have the same function but may have different new features and advanced structures according to public demands. Explorer step over is an electric bike with multiple differentiating features. Every model of E-bike has some advanced functions and style. This E-bike is available in black as well as in blue color. These modern bicycles have changed the market demands as many people prefer them over expensive motorbikes. You can visit Troxus's page to check E-bikes' various types and features and order your bike online.

Special features of explorer step-over e-bike:

This bike's essential coordination and control are the same as other E-bikes. Following are some distinguishing features of the explorer step-over E-bike;

  1. A highly efficient bike requires fine-quality components, especially the battery and the motor. For this purpose, this E-bike model contains a Samsung 48V, 20Ah battery to drive the BAFANG motor smoothly and efficiently.
  2. It consists of a SHIMANO 8-speed gear shift system, which accurately shifts the gear according to the speed.
  3. This bike has an advanced form of thumb throttle which can accelerate your bike on a single press.
  4. This bike has 26" fat tires, which are made of extra elastic rubber and provide a more outstanding grip on the road.
  5. It has a smart, clear display screen showing the bike's velocity.

Where can you ride this E-bike?

You can ride the explorer E-bike wherever you want; it has no bound to any specific land area. You can climb mountains, rocky hills, and Yellowstone park's soft litter without hesitation.

Its structure is made of refined aluminum which is not affected by water. Its motor and other parts also remain intact in the rain.

Are these electric bikes expensive?

Explorer step-over bikes have higher prices as compared to other electric bikes. This is because of their smart and easy-gripping features. Different qualities with marked differences cost higher, yet these prices fall in a reasonable range. The price may be between $1,200 and $1,700. However, you can find low-cost explorer bikes with low-quality motors or batteries.

Furthermore, you can also purchase an electric bike under a hire purchase agreement. Companies offer various contracts for giving their products in installments to their customers. They offer free delivery and guarantee their products.

Speed of explorer bikes:

These bikes can attain higher speeds owing to their efficient brushless Bafang motors. These motors provide a maximum speed of 28mph, more than trail bikes.

In addition, they have hydraulic disc brakes, which are highly responsive and ensure better control. This makes the rider feel safe and comfortable while cycling.


Everyone wants comfortable and safe conveyance for a ride or a journey; for this purpose, electric bikes have thick fat puncture-resistant tires. These rubber tires ensure grip even on rough tracks so you can continue your journey safely. The integrated equipment is good in quality and attached to the aluminum alloy bike frame. You can buy an electric bike of your choice, color, and other requirements from stores and online.