What is a Pod System in Vaping?

What is a Pod System in Vaping?

There are a lot of different terminologies in the history of vaping and also a lot of different kinds of vaping systems. There are box mods, vape pens, pods mods, disposable vapes, squonk mods, etc. Today we will do a deep dive with apparently the most handsome looking amongst all vaping systems, the pod system or the pods.

What is a pod mod?

A pod mod's design and characteristics are very similar to vape pens, and vape pens are the first design for an e-cig. Unlike a vape pen mod, the pod mod's slick ergonomic design makes it more popular among on-the-go vapers. It can fit into most pants pockets without bulking issues, is lightweight, and is spill-proof.

PROS of a pod mod

Aside from its very convenient design, a pod system is beginner-friendly. It is the most newbie-friendly vape system out there. Its design aims toward smokers who want to shift to vaping. Without causing too much difference in terms of the "feel" when holding the device.

Refilling is also effortless if you use a closed tank pod system. It comes with detachable head caps or a closed tank containing the coil and the e-juice inside. No spillage is guaranteed with a closed tank pod system. Once the juice inside the closed tank is empty, replace it with a new one and continue vaping.

Since it is smaller than other vape systems, it also draws lesser power when puffing with a pod mod. More puffs can be done with a pod, even with a lesser e-juice, without sacrificing the satisfaction and the taste of the e-juice itself.

CONS of a pod mod

Of course, there will be some negatives for pod systems. Let's start with its design flaws and continue based on the same order as the description above. The design of a pod system may be its best marketable aspect, but it can also be the worst. The design is very user-friendly and also child-friendly, which is a huge problem. Children may mistake this as a toy or just a regular thing which can harm them when they try to imitate the adults using it. Although this is a human negligence error, some people still put it in a pocket filled with too much of everything. Compressing a pod mod with a smartphone and coins in a single pocket may lead to a severe accident.

Regarding refilling, one of the significant flaws of pod mods is the lack of information for some consumers that there's a closed tank and an open tank system for pods. As mentioned above, a closed tank pod system is detachable but not refillable. There are many online tutorials teaching people how to bypass a closed tank pod to make it refillable. Who knows the dangers of doing such? These closed-tank refill caps are designed to be used only for that specific amount of e-juice. Not only is this a complete waste of time and might ruin the pod system itself, but it is also very inefficient due to the hassle involved. An open tank refillable pod system is readily available, so there is no need for these kinds of nonsense exploits.

Lastly, since pods draw lesser power from the device, there isn't a cloud chase with this kind of system. It will be an impossible dream to chunk massive clouds out of this one. Since it is designed for people who are always on the go, it is also a hit-and-go vape.

Final Thoughts

Different kinds of vape systems will cater to each vaper's preference. Should you go for a pod system? Regardless of preference as a responsible vaper, only vape where you can't smoke—just a safe and responsible reminder from a fellow vaper.